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Westminster, near Ladybrand in the eastern Free State, was founded by the Duke of Westminster after 1902.  The mill has generally been known by the duke’s name but is in fact called Newberry Mill in the surrounding area. Strangely enough, that is not the correct name either as the foundation stone indicates the mill's proper name - Leeuw River Mill - a strange melange of Afrikaans and English.

The mill was founded in 1892 by the brothers Newberrry who were perhaps more famous for their luxurious abode, Prynnsburg near Clocolan, which was sold with its contents in a famous 2 day sale by Sotheby's.

Leeuw River provides the head water, by means of a large dam, to supply a 60HP turbine. The Mill last worked about 10-15 years ago according to local residents.

The Johnson familly, Geoff and father Cowper Johnson were extremely kind to assist me with obtaining access to the premises and information on this wonderful piece of Southern African History.

Thanks are also due to Rupert Fitzmaurice for the very kind hospitality he extended to me at his magnificent Herbert Baker house and country estate.

Any more information or corrections would be most welcome.


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Westminster Mill in its Bruegel setting                                                               The hollowness of the old lady's face


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Empty                                                                                                             The last machines ?


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The great water turbine is still.


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