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Stop Litter wkg_PG00151.jpg (101729 bytes)

STOP litter


Sometimes you have to climb mountains...               Sometimes there are great rivers to cross..

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(The summit of Thaba Ntlenyana 3482m in Lesotho)        (The Orange River at Aliwal North) 


Sign-Beware-of-Hippos.jpg (56339 bytes)                     Sign Danger Crocodiles.JPG (95852 bytes)                   Floyds nook sign.jpg (7948 bytes)

Some places are dodgy              Or very dodgy                         Others offer safety and  refreshment, perhaps


Old Prison Eshowe.jpg (81095 bytes)                            Aberdeen NC 2.jpg (61076 bytes)

Some places retain your attention (Old prison, Eshowe).   And then again, some don't!   ( Aberdeen )




But wherever you go there is a story to be heard. If you listen carefully.

Eshowe reg Sign.jpg (13278 bytes)           Umging Battle cross.jpg (21451 bytes)           Cetswayo cepia Greytown Museum.jpg (11197 bytes)

   (A tourist guide near Eshowe)         (A memorial at Gingindlovu)      ( King Cetswayo)



Every name on this sign has a story attached to it. You only need to look and listen. The cultural history of Zululand, in KwaZulu-Natal is a life's work of study. The place names of KZN are usually picturesque.


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