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Signs on the road


The best way to discover our continent is on the road. Driving as slowly as you dare, look out for the the unusual little signs that tell that an adventure is around the corner:

 Gateway of Paradise.jpg (13408 bytes)

"Wayfarer pause and look upon a Gateway of Paradise"   (Mervyn Smith - Malealea - Lesotho)

Road Signs

Sometimes the best thing is to follow the road sign.....Volksrus - proclaimed on the 27th March 1889. Named "The peoples rest" when the Republican army congregated there during the 1881 war of  Independance, under the leadership of Pieter Joubert.

Albanie road sign.jpg (6222 bytes)    

If you can decide which way to go... Newcastle was named after The Duke of Newcastle, Secretary for the Colonies 1852-1859. The town was founded in 1864 and  made a municipality in 1881. Renowned for iron and steel production and for the battles of Ingogo, Majuba and Laing's Nek which were fought in the area.


Dundee Newc Sign.jpg (8714 bytes)    

You  think you are in the wrong country... many towns in Southern Africa take their names from foreign towns where the settlers originated or the memory of which gave at least some comfort.( Dundee - Scotland )

Melmoth Ulundi Vryheid sign.jpg (9756 bytes)    and speak three languages...

Tonteldoos sign.jpg (7696 bytes)     but don't translate literally... (On the R577, Mpumalanga)

Slow Border sign.jpg (11296 bytes)    and don't take them all seriously! (Bulembu, Swaziland)

Seaka Bridge Guru.jpg (12875 bytes) Otherwise, ask the local guru. (nr.Seaka Bridge Lesotho)

Bulembu_No-Stopping.jpg (16646 bytes)   Then see if you can make up your mind? 

Sign_Elodie_holdup.jpg (52297 bytes)    Maybe we can help you make the decision?






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