Reichenau Mission and Mill

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A panorama of the mill at the Reichenau Mission near Himeville, Kwa-Zulu Natal.

A water-turbine driven mill near Himeville, Natal Midlands. The product of the Roman Catholic Trappist monks missionary station and founded by Abbot Franz Pfanner in 1887, the mill is contained in a magnificient three storey sandstone building and is fully functional.

Reichenau could be named after Reichenau on the Rhine River in Germany or after the Reichenau Island on Lake Constance.

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Mill machinery at Reichenau Mill_RPG2170.jpg (513050 bytes)      _RPG2173.jpg (363323 bytes)    Reichenau Mill from the River and race_RPG2176.jpg (828908 bytes)

Reichenau Mill wharehouse _RPG2184_5_6_7_8_tonemapped.jpg (701254 bytes)     Reichenau Mission faithful_RPG2200.jpg (431311 bytes)    Reichnau Mission the bridge_RPG2215.jpg (937881 bytes)

_RPG2178.jpg (583974 bytes)    Reichenau the race above the headstock_RPG2181.jpg (552664 bytes)     Reichenau headstock a turbine gear_RPG2179.jpg (567104 bytes)



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