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Please tell us what you know about place names and any history of your area. Towns and villages, spruits and rivers, mounds and mountains or just little or big places with a special meaning. Some of this knowledge comes from books but much comes from familly and friends. What do the older people know ? Listen to what they say and post it all here if you wish to share the story:  If you wish to provide us with your contact information, we will be able to reply to you.

Your comments on the Web Site are also welcome. Perhaps you could also try this little quiz to get the brain working;

QILOANE---Thaba-Bosiu.jpg (26724 bytes)    lesotho Thaba Bosiu.jpg (55078 bytes) 

Do you know the name of the place where this man is standing?


W Musi Grave & Sign.jpg (32870 bytes)    Musi s Donga 82005sm.jpg (22867 bytes) 

Do you know where Musi's Donga is?


Umgungun PMB.jpg (9267 bytes)      pmbth.jpg (17812 bytes)

 Where is this coat of arms to be seen? What is the meaning of the Umgungundlovu?



More road signs, Do you know where these are?

Sign entrance to R small.JPG (13150 bytes)    Nieu Bethesdsa Sign small.JPG (10287 bytes)    

Graaf Reinet sign small 1.jpg (6702 bytes)    Sign Richmond at MiddleburgEC small.JPG (10838 bytes)


What can you tell us about these places? -  This is just 7 out of several thousand names in Southern Africa, chosen by chance, and just look at the variety of language!


Ann's Villa


And have you  heard all  these names for Johannesburg? - send a mail to the webmaster  if you know the meaning of any of these names.  


Johannesburg Goudstad
Jo’burg Kwadonga
Jozi Madiba Park
City of Gold Crime & Grime City
Gauteng Kwamagidasibekane
GP: Gangsters Paradise eMsawawa
Mbiza Plek van Goud
JHB eMshishi
Witwatersrand Maboneng
Joeys eMjiva
Joanna Kwandona Ziyaduma (where the walls rumble)
Joostes Shishisburg
Soweto Extension Mujondoro


Petit Lexique:-

ONOMASTICS: The study of names and the methods of naming.

Anthroponym: The name given to a person, e.g.: John (Personal name). 

Ethnonym: The name of a race of people, Shangaan,Celtic or Basque.

Toponym: Name given to a place, e.g.: Pretoria or Thaba Bosiu.

Teknonym: A name given to someone which relates them to someone else like - Son of Anders.

Patronym: A familly or dynastic name; The Smiths or The Merovingians

Eponym: A name taken from someone. Wellington is a town named after the Duke.


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