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The Old Mill and the Trading Post


The farm was originally given to Colonel Hull by Queen Victoria, as a trading concession. Colonel Hull formed a partnership with Colonel Hattingh, and installed the Old Mill and opened the trading store.

The Old Mill was imported from England. It is actually a triple roller – turner wheat mill, so any maize to be milled had to be pre-crushed to fit the mill. The Old Mill is now one hundred years old, and is still operational, but not in use!

The trading store is probably almost as old as the Old Mill, and services the surrounding 7 villages across the Lesotho border. Villagers come here to purchase their basic necessities and to sell their maize or to have it milled. A newer mill is now used for this purpose!

 The Caledon River marks the border between Lesotho and South Africa. The access to the trading store (situated on South African Soil) can be seen between the two barbed wire fences leading from the river to the store. This system ensures no illegal immigration to or from South Africa! This road between the barbed wire was also the original access road to the farm. One had to follow this road into Lesotho and out again to travel to and from the Old Mill Drift. The new tarred access road was recently built by the Lesotho highlands water Scheme. There is an audit tunnel into the river at the end of the tarred road, which delivers water to the Caledon River in times of drought. This new tarred road has left the Old Mill drift with only a few kilometers of dirt road, providing much easier and convenient access for our guests!

The dirt road through the farm leads onto our sister farm, ‘pilgrims rest’. This dirt road meanders for 23km through the valley. At the far end of Pilgrims rest is corner stone that reads ‘Kestell 10 miles’. Wouldn’t it be interesting to explore this trail – it must meander through the back of Golden Gate and over the mountains to Kestell on the other side.

 OLD MILL DRIFT was previously owned by Bruce Weyer of Clarens, who now owns several properties/establishments in the town of Clarens itself. The following is an info pamphlet of the farm under his ownership. At this stage the farm was known as “CALEDON ESTATE MOUNTAIN RESORT”  When the farm was sold, the Cressy’s renamed it “OLD MILL DRIFT MOUNTAIN RESORT” The registered name of the farm is “BEGINSEL FARM”


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Local character - bad hair day

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