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Mount Moorosi

Mount Moorosi is the common name for a small town founded in the area of Ha Maseribane and under the daunting shadow of Thaba Mokotjemela (2358m).

A kilometre or so north of the town is the famous Thaba Moorosi. It was there that in November 1879, Morena Moorosi, the valiant chief of the BaPhuti resisted for months the onslaught of the British administration. The chief's head was cut off and sent to King William's Town, undoubtedly, as a demonstration of "civilised behaviour".

It would have been interesting to observe the reaction of the Bushmen to this scene of slaughter. They were in residence in their caves, just below the summit of the mountain, watching the show. The colonials, under the command of Colonel Bayley, brought up ladders to scale the mountain. The San paintings show these men carrying ladders.

A little out of town on the Sebapala/Tosing road, at Ha Thana, an old road turns north to climb Mokotjemela. Barely visible, this is the route taken  in 1862/3 by Adam Kok (the third of this name), to reach his new ‘kingdom’ in Nomansland – East Griqualand. The route continues to climb the adjacent plateau and crosses the Qhuathlamba – Drakensberg via Thaba Teletsana.

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Roads and Rivers of the  Quthing District


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Thaba Mokotjemela                                                                               Ha Maseribane ( Mount Moorosi town) from above Ha Moqalo


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The Senqu winds past Mt. Moorosi                                                      Mount Moorosi



Mount Moorosi Chalets

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Three of the self catering chalets                                                                     The Quting river valley - Fly fishing  anyone?




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The Quthing valley winds it's way down to the Senqu.                                     Ongeluks' Nek, an unofficial border crossing.


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Majoana Mabedi - The Two Towers (stones)                                              Letseng La Letsie


Majoana-Mabedi-Falls-DSC_90.jpg (53616 bytes)

Majoana Mabedi Falls - An 8 hour walk only for the brave.


House-in-a-Cave-DSC_9287.jpg (23805 bytes)

House in a Cave, spend a night as a troglodite.


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