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The name Morija was given to the mission station by the first missionaries from the Paris Evangelical Missionary Society who arrived in Lesotho in 1833. The name is a deformation of the French "Moria" relating to the biblical name "Moriah" meaning provided by god.

Morija Church_PG01499.jpg (34952 bytes)             Maeder House_PG01425.jpg (43162 bytes)

Morija Church                                                                     Maeder House

Maeder House_PG01426.jpg (49862 bytes)             Museum 2 nr_PG01514.jpg (40954 bytes)

Maeder House                                                                     Morija Museum and Archives


The Yeats Wagon_PG01524.jpg (51644 bytes)

The Yeats Ox wagon


Visit this Morija web site to see more on the Maeder House Art Gallery:

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Looking for a place to stay at Morija; visit Morija Guest house page by clicking on the image

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