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Malealea Lodge and Pony Trekking Centre

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Mofumahadi Agnes watches over the busy village.

And Musi's son looks proudly over the works of his father and he, The famous re-habilitated Donga.

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Albert look onto the Donga started by his father, Musi                                           One of the boys looking after the cattle


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Crossing the Makhaleng River - Pony Trekking                                                   Angora Goats at the Pony Trek overnight stop.



These are just a few opportunity photos. Malealea has much more to offer.

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Malealea Lodge, Adventure & Pony Trek Centre - Lesotho
P.O. Box 27974,  Danhof,   Bloemfontein. 9310 SA
SA Contact address:  +27(0)51 436 6766.  Cell: 082 552 4215


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