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This is a selection of images captured during travels around southern Africa. The files have all been reduced to allow quicker loading on the web page.   Full size, high density images are available on request from the web master, (see below). 


Lesotho People at Work

Lesotho Images Young Herd Boy and cow          Lesotho Images Lady on lunch (54739 bytes)           


Lesotho images Wood gatherer (63459 bytes)         Lesotho images Washing near TY(66706 bytes)         Lesotho images Washing at Mahlaponeng  (67951 bytes)


Lesotho images Washing clothes  (78536 bytes)         Lesotho Images Waiting for the transport (41534 bytes)         Lesotho images Transporters Edenville (46363 bytes)


 Lesotho images Young shepherd and dog  (63364 bytes)      Lesotho images Transporter nr Hobhouse  (67266 bytes)         Lesotho images Café  Ha Lebona (72542 bytes)


 Lesotho images Threshing with Oxen (63525 bytes)         Lesotho images Threshing wheat (72522 bytes)         Lesotho images Ladies walking nr Ha Tladi (52303 bytes)


Lesotho images Threshing Ha Sekaola(83348 bytes)          Lesotho images Thatch gathering Mosafaleng (76183 bytes)         Lesotho images Threshing wheat (104697 bytes)


Lesotho images Thatch Gathering Mosafaleng  (88918 bytes)         Lesotho images Technical officer Printing works (55517 bytes)         Lesotho images Vuvusela Football player Aliwal North  (68278 bytes)

Malealea-Footballer low.jpg (19954 bytes)



                Lesotho images Basotho-Hut- (49052 bytes)               


        Lesotho images Ketane-Valley-(53156 bytes)       


Lesotho images Mafeteng-Mill-and-Cart (44391 bytes)         Lesotho images Mohales-Dam-Lesotho (41304 bytes)


 Lesotho images Mosotho-Lady-at-Work- (43122 bytes)  



Lesotho images Qiloane-Falls-web (68157 bytes)

Qiloane Falls - a half days ride from the Pony Trekking Centre



Lesotho images Ketane-Falls(24433 bytes)

Ketane Falls - Two days ride from Semongkong



Lesotho images Ribaneng-Falls- (23499 bytes)

Ribaneng Falls  -  a days ride from Malealea



Lesotho images  Dancing-Children-Roma (38544 bytes)

Children Dancing in the setting sun, Roma



Lesotho images Mafeteng-House low (19632 bytes)

House, Mafeteng



Lesotho images Vauxhall Velox  (53920 bytes)

Your car?



Pony Trekking and Horsemen and Donkeys


Lesotho images Horsemen- (45048 bytes)         Lesotho images Hiking -Lesotho (45185 bytes)


Lesotho images Ralitseka-Horseman (41272 bytes)         Lesotho images Lesotho-Roads-Transport(50164 bytes)


Lesotho images Robert-Guide (42605 bytes)        Lesotho images Pony-Trekking-near-Malealea.(45541 bytes)


Lesotho images SehlabaThebe-Riding-out (40048 bytes)        


 Lesotho images Local art Guards-Door.(62334 bytes)        



An emblem of the Lesotho Highlands

Lesotho images Camelia-on-Spiral-Aloe. (55721 bytes)  Lesotho images Rhodes-White-Horse (42738 bytes)

The Spiral Aloe (Aloe polyphylla) and Basotho pony


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All photographs in this section are copyright of the webmaster, Paul Gosselin. Contact  webmaster@placenamesa.com
for permission.
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