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Ficksburg is close to the Caledon (Mohokare) River and borders with Lesotho. It is named after Johann Izak JacobusFick (1816-1892), the Commandant-General of the Orange Free State during the Basotho Wars in the 19th century. The original farms on which the town was established were Generalsvlei , Losberg, Sikonyelasberg (named after the Tlokoa war-lord Sekonyela, son of Queen 'Manthatisi) and Kromdraai. The town was laid out in 1867 and a municipality was established in 1891.

Very close to Ficksburg on the road to Ladybrand, at a place known as Lekhalong la Bo Tau, is the famous mission station Modderpoort, which was established in 1819.

Lekhalong la Bo Tau (sesotho; The Pass of the Tau people)

Modderpoort (afrikaans; Muddy Pass),

Building to visit in Ficksburg:

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The local Town Hall


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The Local Radio Station - Radio Setsoto


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The famous Sorours Building named after the Sorours family who still farm in the area.


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The Bottling company on Piet Retief Street


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The Standard Bank buildingon Piet Retief Street


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McBrides House on McCabe Street.





S.H. Pellissier Art Gallery

A worthwhile visit for art and history lovers is the Ficksburg High School; The S.H. Pellissier Art gallery, a serious collection of South African art is displayed in the magnificient sandstone high school main hall. In 1922 the J.H. Pierneef Panels where made and since 1927,  graduation classes traditionally raised substantial amounts of money to purchase a work of art for the school collection. This is now a very large body of works including works by such artists as Pierneef, de Jongh, Boonzaier, Volschenk, Yates, Claerhout and Von Maltitz.

To visit, contact the Headmistress Mrs. Renette Humphreys on +27 84 664 34 91.

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One of the Pierneefs Murals at the High School.



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