Caversham Mill




Caversham Mill


Lions River at Caversham Mill_RPG2124 BW_1.jpg (477425 bytes)

Lions River Cascades at Caversham Mill.

Caversham mill was a water-wheel driven mill with vetruvian stones on the Lions River, Natal. The mill was restored in the 70's and then completly destroyed by floods. Only a few large pieces of machinery and the base of the walls remain.

Caversham Mill Ruins_RPG2133_1.jpg (878581 bytes)    Caversham Mill Ruins_RPG2145_1.jpg (860826 bytes)    Caversham Mill Ruins_RPG2147_1.jpg (542409 bytes)

Caversham Mill Ruins_RPG2139_1.jpg (915416 bytes)    Caversham Mill Ruins_RPG2140_1.jpg (883299 bytes)    Caversham Mill Ruins_RPG2152_1.jpg (634741 bytes)

Remains of the mill.


The site is now the home to a fine restaurant and lodge: Caversham Mill, Restaurant, Manor and Cottages:                               Telephone: +27 33 234 45 24 and look up their site at


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