BULEMBU, Swaziland.  An old mine town transformed into a lodge and adventure centre. According to Peter E. Raper, "New Dictionary of South African Place Names" Bulembu derives it's name from the Xhosa word  ubulembu meaning 'moss' which in turn resembles the tassle of the mealie cob and would aptly describe the surrounding forest !   However the  town is situated near the foot of   Emlembe Mountain, named after the Seswati word lembu, spider.


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The village has all the makings of a little town. A hospital, a cinema, a social centre, a supermarket and a police station.                    The golf course is almost the centre attraction of  the village, dominating the northern ridge.


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The cinema has seen happier days but would really like to be opened again for some new art forms. 


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The indoor sports facility is still a little draughty.


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The Bulembu (Havelock) mine has the longest cableway in the world. stretching across the Emlembe Mountain to Barberton     


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Emlembe Mountain


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