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Title Author Date of edition Place Publisher

A History of the Zulu and neighbouring tribes  Bryant, A.T. 1964 Cape Town Struik
Olden Times in Zululand… Bryant, A.T. 1929 London Longmans/Greene
Olden Times in Zululand…Facimile reprint Bryant, A.T. 1965 Cape Town Struik
The ZuluPeople as they were before the white people came Bryant, A.T. 1949 Pietermaritzburg Shuter&Shooter
Zulu - English Dictionary Doke, C.M. and Vilikazi, B.W., comps. 1949/1972 etc Johannesburg Any condition
Seven Years in South Africa Volume One Holub, Emil 1976 facsimili repro of the 1881 edition Johannesburg Africana Book
A Survey of Aboriginal Place names Kingon, J.R.L ?
Zulu place names in Natal Lugg, H.C. & Cope, rev. A.T. 1968 Durban
Historic Natal and Zululand……. Lugg,, H.C. 1948 Pietermaritzburg Shuter&Shooter
Hottentot(Khoekhoen) Place Names. Southern Africa Nienaber, G.S. & Raper, P.E. 1983 Butterworth
Hottentot Place Names Pettman, Rev. Charles 1913
South African place names Pettman, Rev. Charles 1985 ?reprint? Rivonia?
Standard Encyclopedia of Southern Africa. 1970 - 1976v. Cape Town

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