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Here are some very worthwhile books and links.


Title Author Date of edition Place Publisher
Zinkwazi Beach & Surrounding Area Achtzen, H.G.O. 1990 Zinkwazi Beach The Achtzehn Family
Place Names of the Cape Province Botha, Colin Graham,  Chief Archivist for the Union 1926  Cape Town Juta & Co Ltd
Discovery Southern Africa Bulpin,T.V. 1970 Books of Africa
Islands in a forgotten Sea Bulpin,T.V. 1969 Cape Town ? Books of Africa
Shaka' Country Bulpin,T.V. 1952 Cape Town & London Howard Timmins for Hodder & Stoughton Ltd
Storm over the Transvaal Bulpin,T.V. 1955 Cape Town Howard Timmins
The Golden Republic Bulpin,T.V. Any edition Cape Town Howard Timmins
The Hunter is Death Bulpin,T.V. 1962 Johannesburg Thomas Nelson  and Sons (Africa) (Pty) Ltd
The Ivory trail Bulpin,T.V. 1955 Cape Town Howard B. Timmins
To the Shores of Natal Bulpin,T.V. ? Cape Town Howard Timmins
Nederlandsch-Engelsch Woordenboek Calisch, I.M. 1892 Amsterdam Holland H.C.A. Campagne & Zoon
The Basutos Casalis, Eugène 1997 - Facsimile reprint of 1861 edition Morija, Lesotho Morija Museum & Archives, Lesotho
Golden Memories of Barberton Curror,W.D., revised by Hans Bornman 2002 Barberton African Power Mining (Pty) Ltd.
Travels in Southern Africa Volume 1 Delgorgue, Adulphe 1990 reprint of the original 1847 Pietermaritzburg &  Durban Killie Campbell Africana Press,  and Univ. Natal Press
Natal and Zululand from earliest times to 191o Duminy, Andrew & Guest, Bill 1989 Pietermaritzburg University of Natal Press/Shuter & Shooter
History of the Basuto:Ancient and Modern Ellenberger. D.F. 1997 - Facsimile reprint of 1912 edition Morija, Lesotho Morija Museum & Archives, Lesotho
The Pilgrims' Way In South Africa Fairbridge, Dorothea 1928 London Oxford University Press
Paula Dlamini Servant of Two Kings Filter, H, Compiler and Translated and edited by Bourquin, S. 1986 Pietermaritzburg &  Durban Killie Campbell Africana Press,  and Univ. Natal Press
Chroniclesof Basutoland Germond, R.C. 1967 Morija, Lesotho Morija Printing Works,Lesotho
A short History of Lesotho Gill T., Stephen 1993 Morija, Lesotho Morija Museum & Archives, Lesotho
Big Bend Gosnell, Peter J. 2001 0-620-28008-5  0-620-28011-5
Almost forgotten,never told Greene, Lawrence 1965 Cape Town Howard Timmins
The Jews of South Africa   A History Gustav Saron, Gustav and Louis Hotz, Editors 1955 Cape Town/London/ New York Oxford University Press
Seven Years in South Africa Volume Two Holub, Emil 1976 facsimili repro of the 1881 edition Johannesburg Africana Book
Valley Of the Mists Klein, Harry 1972 Cape Town Howard Timmins
Zulu Names Koopman, Adrian 2002 Pietermaritzburg University of Natal Press
The Life of John Xavier Merriman Laurence, Sir Percival 1930 London Constable & Co Ltd
The question of Lesotho's Conquered Territory       It's time for an Answer Lelimo, M. 1998 Morija, Lesotho Morija Museum& Archives, Lesotho 99911-632-0-4
South Africa,Lesotho, Swaziland Lonely Planet John Murray,Jeff Williams,Richard Everist 3rd ed. 1998 Hawthorn Australia Lonely Planet Publications
In Search of South Africa Morton,H.V. 1948 London Metheun & Co. Ltd.
Learn More Zulu Nyembezi, Sibusiso 1978 Pietermaritzburg The Natal witness
Grahamstown Reflected O'Meara, Emily 1995 Grahamstown. Albany Museum
Native Life in South Africa Plaatje, Sol T. 1982 Randburg Ravan Press
Dictionary of Southern African place names Raper, P.E. 1987 Johannesburg Lowry   947042067
Historic Sites of South Africa Richardson, Diedré 2001 Cape Town Struik Publishers
NdabazabantuThe life of a Native Affairs Administrator Rodseth, Fred 1984 Johannesburg Volda
The Mabillesof Basutoland Smith W. Edwin 1996 - facsimile reprint of 1939 edition Morija, Lesotho Morija Museum & Archives, Lesotho
 Where On Earth? Place names of Natal and Zululand Stayt, Don, F.R.S.A. 1971 Durban The Daily News
New Southern African Book of the Road The Automobile Association 1995 Johannesburg AA The Motorist Publications (pty) Ltd.
Off the Beaten Track The Automobile Association 1987 Johannesburg AA The Motorist Publications (pty) Ltd.
Knysna & Plett A Journey through time Uys. Ian 2003 Knysna Fortress            0-620-31373-0
People's Plants Van Wyk, Ben-Eric & Gericke, Nigel 2000 Pretoria Briza 1-875093-19-2
A History of South Africa Walker, Eric  A. 1959 3rd Ed. London Longmans,Green and Co Ltd



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